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  • Carroll The leisurely shoppers that stroll the streets in the day turn into theatre-goers at night.
  • Elton Mit Programmeinlage vom Freitag, den 4.
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  • Dexter The building suffered relatively little damage during the Second World War and was re-opened in 1948. Please remember the prefix 089 if you are calling from outside the Munich telephone district and +49 89 if you are calling from abroad.
  • Adolfo Another neighbourhood institution is the priest at Maximilianskirche church, Rainer Maria Schiessler.
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  • Lon Below are the addresses of some of Munich's music theatres. Köpplinger an unserer neuen, alten Wirkungsstätte willkommen heißen und nehmen Sie als Erste Platz in »Ihrem« Theater, noch bevor sich der Vorhang zur ersten Vorstellung hebt.
  • Rodger At times exclusively concerned with operetta, in recent years there have also been productions of opera, musicals and ballet.
Van State Theater on Gärtnerplatz
  • Eddie Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz The theater at Gärtnerplatz was founded in 1865. Gärtnerplatz is one of the few opera houses which still has an all-German-language policy, like the and the.
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  • Harvey The Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz State Theatre at Gärtnerplatz , commonly called the Gärtnerplatztheater, is an opera house and opera company in Munich. So especially if you have never been to an opera before, you should seize this opportunity! Text: München Tourismus; Photos: Frank Stolle; Illustration: Julia Pfaller; Video: Redline Enterprises.
  • Antone This is reflected by the huge array of , where traditional Bavarian dress meets Africa, and the miniature artisan workshops, such as tailors, hardware stores and textile shops. On pourra visiter le foyer, la salle de spectacles, la scène et assister à la projection d'un film d'introduction.
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  • Marvin Cafés and restaurants are scattered amongst small boutiques and grocery stores. The first gay pubs and initiatives for promoting sexual equality launched here back in the 1960s.
Casey State Theater on Gärtnerplatz
  • Moses His creative services and events are legendary, like his vehicle blessings, for instance, or mass for animals. Gärtnerplatz and Glockenbachviertel are famous for their nightlife and alternative culture.
  • Emery Bernd Sibler, 47, is the new Kultusminister.
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  • Jarvis Separated only by Fraunhoferstrasse, Gärtnerplatzviertel stretches to the east while Glockenbachviertel spans to the west. With its unique circular layout, lush, colourful flower beds and fountain in the centre, Gärtnerplatz exudes an atmosphere like nowhere else in the city, making it the ideal place to hang out and relax.
  • Damon He loved Munich so much that he even moved into a flat on Hans-Sachs-Strasse for a short period of time. The traditional all-night kiosk on Reichenbachbrücke bridge is on hand to serve drinks and small snacks, while a few curry joints also do their best business between 2 and 3 in the morning.
Josue Munich districts: Gärtnerplatz and Glockenbach
  • Micah The square reflects the philosophy of the entire neighbourhood: a colourful community.