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  • Wayne There is also another interesting fact about Kaley Cuoco that even most of her fans don't know. A mountain rescue team responds to emergencies at dizzying heights in the exhilarating drama series Alpine Rescue.
  • Winston We know some of you are going to secretly appreciate us for our effort! Her feet pictures are very popular in the social networking websites like Instagram and Pinterest.
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  • Lon On many occasions, she said how footwear causes serious discomfort to her feet.
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  • Ernesto Since we are no foot admirers, we find Rihanna's feet just average.
  • Margaret If you are not a foot fetishist, you may not find her feet incredibly gorgeous! While they hunt using their sense of smell, pangolins seal their nose and ears and close their eyes when feeding.
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  • Donovan Coming back to the topic, Kaley Cuoco's feet and legs don't look girly or beautiful because she is an athletic person. Many female celebs share their feet pictures to show off the tattoos or nail lacquer.
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  • Tyrone Scarlett Johansson is a lovely woman! Going by these Jennifer Lawrence feet pictures, we can tell that they indeed look good and are well-maintained.
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  • Tony Miley is little different though.
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  • Edgardo Scarlett Johansson is often considered as Hollywood's modern sex symbol.
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  • Efren They say her feet look fine, but not great. She won an academy award when she was just 21 years old.
  • Elwood Males mark territory using scent from anal glands, urine, and feces.
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  • Royal Since we aren't really into this foot fetish thing, we can't exactly tell you why her feet are popular! There's a part of our brain that controls our sexual urges. We check the foot fetishist forums and online communities to analyze and present you the popular opinion on celebrity feet.
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  • Waldo In fact, she was named as 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by Esquire Magazine twice, in 2006 and 2013. Well, we aren't sure about that, though.
  • Wayne Do you really think people have balls to go to Ronda Rousey and tell her that her feet look bad? Many foot fetishists find her feet repulsive. Do you think her feet look attractive? She even shares pictures of her feet that are way dirtier than her moves! She was born in an actors' family.
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  • Morgan This kind of behavior is not uncommon, though. Well, the whole foot fetish community thinks Emilia Clarke has gorgeous feet! She is the only woman in the world to be chosen for the title twice.