Salz pfefferstreuer. Salzstreuer & Pfefferstreuer

Jody Salz
  • Tanner The written bid is irrevocable, obliging and remains in effect during the auction and the post-auction sale.
  • Wilfredo The objects will be put up for auction in the condition in which they are at the moment of sale.
Gene ▷ Salz
  • Robt Telephone bidders may provide us with a second bid safety bid that is higher than the reserve, in case the bidder cannot be reached by telephone when the desired lot is being auctioned. To the buyer's premium a value added tax of 21% is added, resulting in a total buyer's premium of 24.
  • Austin The auctioneer may rescind a decision and put the lot up for sale again if a higher bid made in time has been overlooked and the auctioneer's attention is drawn to it by the bidder immediately or if the decision is open to other doubt. If several bidders offer the same amount, the Auctioneer decides over the bid.
Ellis Salzstreuer & Pfefferstreuer
  • Don The buyer has to collect his purchase immediately after the auction, latest within 10 days from the acceptance of the bid.
  • Colin As a result he may put the lots up for auction again and request compensation because of non-performance. This shall be applicable although the client may live in an area ­within the German law is not operative or his place of residence is unknown at the date of the complaint collection.
Dalton ▷ Salz
  • Wallace Nicht immer ist durch einen Aufdruck gekennzeichnet, was wo hineingehört.
William Salzstreuer & Pfefferstreuer
  • Alfredo If two sets of measurements are given, the latter applies to the frame. In special cases, such as when a lot's authenticity is in question, we will work with the purchaser to remedy the situation vis-à-vis the consignor.
  • Anna Die elektrischen Modelle werden mit einer Batterie betrieben.
Samantha ▷ Salz
  • Emerson It will be cancelled 8 weeks after the date of the auction. Bekannte Anbieter sind eBay und Amazon, welche auch zu den größten Internetshops zählen.
  • Fabian If discovered, indemnity claims might be made on behalf of the auction house and a ban on entering the house issued. The bidder falls into arrears when the final amount is not revealed on the account of the auctioneer on the 8th day at the latest.
Alexis Vintage salz
  • Nicole Es gibt einen Knopf, einfach den Knopf drehen, um die Feinheit des Mahlens abhängig vom Geschirr oder Ihrem Geschmack einzustellen.
  • Rubin Clocks, watches and other lots with mechanical features are sold on the basis of their decorative value and age; they are not assumed to be in working condition.
Sheldon Salzstreuer & Pfefferstreuer
  • Weldon Die Gummikappen halten Ihren Tisch sauber. Decisive is the Catalogue-number and not the indication of item.
Maynard Salz
  • Rachel If an artist is identified for sculptures, we refer to the artist conveiving the model - the date given similarly refers to the conception of the original model.
  • Maria A combined value of lots of 1.
Josue ▷ Salz
  • Morton We can ship up to a package size of 120x 60x60 cm.
  • Milford Salz- und Pfefferstreuer - praktische und dekorative Küchenhelfer Salz- und Pfefferstreuer gehören zu einem gedeckten Tisch einfach dazu.
Lazaro Salz & Pfefferstreuer Love Never Dies kaufen
  • Jerrold Customers who fail to pay their invoice within the specified time frame incur interest charges of 1% of the billed amount per month. Exports in third countries i.