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  • Zane With the increased number of the fighting areas and improved accrediting, weigh-in and awarding ceremony system, it has become a high comfort tournament, well done for the teams for easy planning trip to Rimini.
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  • Tommie The sports grounds of the organiser, Tropical Coriano, are a perfect place for precisely those teams.
  • Tyree Each area has its own small shops, restaurants and ice cream cafes. In addition to the theme of recycling, re-use is extremely important: great ingenuity and creativity are needed to transform what is considered waste into something completely new and functioning.
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  • Efrain What Paganello is an annual, huge frisbee event consisting of two sport competitions: World Beach Ultimate Cup World Freestyle Challenge A rich social scene is also a main ingredient of the event.
  • Murray Coaches party tonight max 2 per team.
Ahmed RIMINI 2019 Qualifications Part.6
  • Ian In the western part of the city is the old centre with Roman monuments, such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius bridge and the medieval castle of Malatesta. There are several rollercoasters, a log flume and a range of shows.
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  • Justin Please note: only suitable for a full day excursion. For the past twenty years, the tournaments held in Rimini have served as a meeting point for teams all over Europe: from Sweden to Sicily and France to Romania.
  • Cary The matches will be played on 12 grass and 3G pitches in Rimini and nearby Riccione and San Marino.
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  • Jack The beautiful green park boasts many attractions, spread across seven areas. For a quotation by e-mail please click.
  • Morton Dreaming of one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Europe? Â Teams stay in the lively twin resorts of Rimini and Riccione, linked by miles of sandy beaches, water parks and hundreds of bars, cafes and restaurants. The entire supply chain for bakery, confectionery and pizza is on show with ingredients, semi-finished products and a complete range of technologies, from machinery to systems and equipment, besides services and furnishings — a truly exclusive assortment that defines new trends and focuses on innovation.
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  • Dustin Rest of day free to relax and unwind.
  • Lupe Teams parade behind their country flags through Riccione Stadium where they are welcomed by the Lord Mayor.
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  • Theodore In 4 matches Rimini has not lost the goal. Rimini 130,000 residents is the largest Italian resort on the Adriatic coast.
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  • Delmer The results of the draw that determined the home team were published on 10 December 2019. In the evening is the Opening Ceremony.
  • Brendan The Rimini tournaments have been a favourite meeting point for teams from all over Europe for more than twenty years.
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  • Curtis A great day out for all the family.
  • Cynthia Saturday 11th July Departure day.
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  • Gilbert Wednesday 8th July Completion of group game stage. Every year, hundreds of teams take part in these classics on the Adriatic coast.
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  • Esteban The goal is to make the tournament completely sustainable in both environmental and social impacts.
  • Antonio A music, dance and show follows with a firework finale.