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  • Jeffrey You just mentioned the Netherlands.
  • Weston Developments over the past years have contributed to the significant improvements in qualities of recycled products from incinerator bottom ash processing, offering ever more possibilities for use.
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  • Joesph The complexity lies in the optimum adjustment of environmental parameters and process variables such as the airdrop trajectory and air velocity.
  • Fidel Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Kreis Mettmann mbH manages the district landfill Langenfeld-Immigrath for the district of Mettmann. Our 3D animations give an impression of all our pioneering solutions.
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  • Ruben We offer all solutions for the reliable disposal, processing and reuse of raw materials contained in mineral waste. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated from mineral elements by means of different sieving techniques, multi-stage sieving processes and the use of magnets and eddy-current separators.
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  • Matt Cuperus: Well, that is a very interesting development in the Netherlands. This website addresses men and women in equal measure.
  • Major Content of this website We make every effort to ensure the content of this website is complete, correct and up-to-date. The result is a high purity metal fraction, which can be directly used at the smelting plant.
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  • Marlon Because this seems to be one of the main challenges the industry is facing. And these new technologies can be spread all over Europe of course.
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  • Philip In addition, the site has a silo facility and a mixer for dust. To achieve this, the material feed was individually designed, allowing for numerous adjustment options on the separating vertex and air nozzle.
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  • Heather Manual sorting is also part of the process.
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  • Vance They can partially replace primary construction materials such as gravel, sand, basalt or limestone and thus contribute to the conservation of natural resources. A leading innovation is the company's own asbestos stabilisation plant.
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  • Leo The Karlsruhe-based company is a contractual partner of Deutsche Bahn and offers disposal services for track construction companies and private rail transport companies across various locations.
  • Darrel The resulting granulate is of interest to the asphalt and concrete industry. After processing, the municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash can be utilised as secondary construction material.
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  • Alton And, on the other hand, to greatly enhance the quality of the resulting mineral material by means of these additional methods. Early on they recognised that cooperation was needed to build a functioning recycling industry.