Grossstadtrevier.'Italiana!: Großstadtrevier

Freddie Großstadtrevier
  • Tyree Grossstadtrevier is one of the best shows on television, even if it is a German show. Elected a member of the Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame 2010.
  • Elvin I got to watch again a couple of weeks later. If you want my advice, sit back and enjoy the great entertainment this show is offering you.
Margaret Großstadtrevier
  • Vito And then I started taping them. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article.
  • Andrea I never considered myself a big fan of German shows, but I immediately liked the chemistry between the main characters. I became hooked of this show a couple of years ago and I haven't missed an episode since then.
Russell Großstadtrevier
  • Kenny I had to put my opinion about German shows aside.
  • Gregory I love putting characters together, but for that I have to like them.
Jamar Großstadtrevier (TV Series 1986
  • Morton It is fantastic if you want to run away from real life. First aired on 16 December 1986, the show is one of the most popular television series in the country.
Greg'Italiana!: Großstadtrevier
  • Benny I'm feeling deprived when the show is not on, and I would love to see the show from its early start.
Reid'Italiana!: Großstadtrevier
  • Jose You'll find something sweet growing between Dirk and Anna. It was Christmas evening in 1996 and I was surprised.
  • JeanI remember watching my first episode. And I still feel like cop shows are the best around, whatever country they are from.
Nathan Großstadtrevier
  • Calvin But I gave the new actress a chance and I didn't regret it.
  • Alfonzo.
Fredrick Großstadtrevier
  • Margaret Frank Miller Claude Oliver Rudolph , a feared bandit is prematurely released from prison and wants revenge on Clint. You just sit, watch it and enjoy what they serve you.
Mauricio Großstadtrevier
  • Willis I've been researching the American West and western films since the early 1980s and visiting filming sites in Spain and the U.
  • Adrian It follows the everyday work of a fictional police station on the of.
Riley'Italiana!: Großstadtrevier
  • Mary I was feeling down when I heard Andrea Lüdke was leaving the series.
Tristan Großstadtrevier (TV Series 1986
  • Leland I have watched and re-watched episodes and I love it even more. Sheriff Clint Jan Fedder takes it in neighborhood City, a small town in the Wild West, with gunslinger.