Deutz dx 160. Wards Brothers Tractor and Salvage, Deutz, Deutz Allis, Deutz

Trent Tractors and Agricultural Machinery
  • Jesus I have a uncle that had a 100 06 he wasn't impresssed with that either no way to pre heat the motor for winter chores.
  • Barton Their hydraulic systems had very low output and their cooling systems weren't designed to handle the high ambient operating temperatures common in much of North America. If these are so great why are some dealers afraid to take the air cooled Gleaners in on trade even? The lack of those features made for good looking fuel economy numbers at Nebraska, but limited the real productivity of those tractors in many North American applications.
Billie Tractors and Agricultural Machinery
  • Ed Their engines are still very good and their solid tractors. They also had a 7085 that they really liked and it was a comfortable tractor to drive and very quiet.
  • Clay They won't speak to you without a model and serial number off the motor.
Tommy Wards Brothers Tractor and Salvage, Deutz, Deutz Allis, Deutz
  • Brant We have even considered junking the motor and putting a Cummins in it.
Roger Deutz/Deutz
  • Edwin Their tractors of that era didn't offer shift on the go transmissions either, which do add slightly to parasitic hp loads. My dad had all the minor things fixed and new tires put on all the way around.
  • Heath The B and C Series Cummins engines new at that time were significantly better.
Johnathon Deutz
  • Owen The motor keeps us sitting on pins and needles. I have pulled a 6 row no til planter with it and use it as my main bush hog tractor.
Zachary Deutz/Deutz
  • Marlon The Deutz was a good dependable motor with plenty of power for its size.
Nicolas Deutz. Would you buy one?
  • Kermit Before and after every season I would take the covers off to blow out the fins but not once was there any amount of debris in them.
Boris Deutz. Would you buy one?
  • Micah Found it again last summer and bought it back.
  • Rufus Deutz used to like to push the fuel efficiency of their engines.
Dario Tractors and Agricultural Machinery
  • Ricky The 7060 was rescued from sitting in a fence row for 3-4 years when we bought it threw fresh batteries in it drove it home 100 miles change fluids and put it to work.
  • Patrick In our area of Tennessee, Duetz is starting to make a come back as the New holland dealer is selling them now. The parts books we have for our irrigation motors at work are written in German.