Coronavirus infektionen weltweit. Corona: Echtzeit

Brent Coronavirus Update (Live): 4,117,095 Cases and 280,690 Deaths from COVID
  • Clifford For many countries however, available data on testing is either incomplete or else completely unavailable.
  • Oliver If, during an outbreak, the time it takes for deaths to double remains constant, then the disease is spreading exponentially. Aufgrund der Meldeketten kann es dabei zu Unterschieden und Verzögerungen zu anderen Meldungen kommen - insbesondere zu denen auf lokaler oder Kreisebene.
Rich Corona: Echtzeit
  • Trinidad The table also shows how the total number of confirmed deaths, and the number of daily new confirmed deaths, and how those numbers have changed over the last 14 days.
  • Raphael As of 11 April, in Vietnam more than 400 tests had been conducted for each confirmed case.
Harry Coronavirus Update (Live): 4,117,095 Cases and 280,690 Deaths from COVID
  • Trey Some countries report tests performed, while others report the number of individuals tested. In an ongoing outbreak the final outcomes — death or recovery — for all cases is not yet known.
Wade Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID
  • Issac Inconclusive being the result of the test reported by the laboratory.
Heather Coronavirus Update (Live): 4,117,095 Cases and 280,690 Deaths from COVID
  • Elliott Iceland is one of these countries. Alle dargestellten Werte sind der letzte Meldungsstand des jeweiligen Tages um 23.
  • Alexander Das Meldesystem hinkt aber hinterher, da das veröffentlicht, welche die regionalen Gesundheitsbehörden bis zum Ende des Vortags elektronisch übermittelt haben. The attribution of deaths to specific causes can be challenging under any circumstances.
Carter Coronavirus Update (Live): 4,117,095 Cases and 280,690 Deaths from COVID
  • Angelo Humans tend to think in terms of linear growth, and research shows that we find exponential growth hard to understand. Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, 2020,41 2020-02-17.
Rufus Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID
  • Silas If you are not familiar with logarithmic axes we recommend you also look at this chart on a linear axis.
  • Connie We have three levels of case definition: suspected, probable and confirmed cases. Most of our work focuses on established problems, for which we can refer to well-established research and data.
Reuben Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID
  • Wade The data they use at the time of writing 13 April appear to relate to the situation as of 8 April.
  • Leslie Nor can we learn where countermeasures against the pandemic are working. Zudem ist die Inkubationszeit zu beachten.
Kim Coronavirus Update (Live): 4,117,095 Cases and 280,690 Deaths from COVID
  • Susan To get a sense of the difference between linear and exponential growth, take a look at the visualization. This is called exponential growth bias.
  • Foster The exponential growth line in red doubles each increment 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320.
Napoleon Corona: Echtzeit
  • Mauro To allow comparisons between countries the trajectory for each country begins on the day when that country first reported 5 daily deaths.
Sergio Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID
  • Alexander The chart here shows a measure of testing coverage — tests per thousand people.
  • Lenard Link: is the Johns Hopkins dashboard.