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Philip Bathroom Fittings
  • Hugo Enjoy Italian design from Nobili or Bossini.
Orval DVGW
  • Aaron That's why we haven't put together a ranking list since it would only be our subjective opinion. They have a scratch-resistant surface When it comes to the surface of bathroom fittings it's important to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Curt ball valve and flow control valve manufacturer, Germany
  • Augustus So good, that we are represented with this know-how in each of the three main time zones. Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme m.
  • Alexander Manufacturer, recommended by Reuter: This manufacturer is particularly customer and service-oriented.
Leslie Contiflow PLC II
  • Coy Saturdays are only considered working days for parcel shipments.
  • Brooks As soon as the the item is available in the logistics centre it will be dispatched on the next working day.
Earnest Conti Iqua Touch Adjusting Sensor Range & Follow Up Run Time
  • Jayson Application: For less toxic resp. Whether it's Grohe or Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard or Kludi: quality is guaranteed from all of these manufacturers.
  • Wyatt This is hard to say since everyone has their own preference. So diverse, that reading our standard program will take you some time.
Gerard CONTI+ Chronicle
  • Brice So fast, that our short processing times allow series products to be delivered within 48 hours. If the end of the delivery time falls on a Sunday or bank holiday, it is postponed to the next working day.
Archie DVGW
  • Rodolfo Instrument Divison'},{'id':'886','label':'Veritherm - Heizungstechnik GmbH'},{'id':'8709','label':'Vero Design N. They are produced from high-quality materials Exquisite bathroom fittings have a high-quality chrome or stainless steel surface.
Tommie Conti Iqua Touch Adjusting Sensor Range & Follow Up Run Time
  • Berry Because we are really good at controlling, restricting and shutting off. They have ceramic valves High-quality bathroom fittings have ceramic valves.
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Jarred 08.2017 Locally Built CONTIFLOW
  • Donald Your neighbours will thank you for it too.
Randal Continental Disc Corporation: #1 Rupture Disc Manufacturer
  • Jon Dieter Heissenberger'},{'id':'2007','label':'A+R Armaturen GmbH'},{'id':'10745','label':'A-Hot International Co. The discount can be even higher.